You CAN Ask for Money If…

You CAN Ask for Money If…

The one thing I wish pastors and staff realized is that you CAN ask for money if you do it in the right way.  I have to be honest with you.  One of the biggest hurdles I have to overcome in helping churches increase is the staff of the church.

Pastors and staff are so gun shy about anything that pertains to money.  This fear makes raising funds difficult.  If you are afraid that any talk about money might offend or drive someone off you will probably not raise the money you need to raise.

Intellectually pastors and staff get this.  Yet they still have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to the PROCESS.

“Tell me what you don’t like and I will probably agree with you!”  That was a comment my mentor in the stewardship industry said to a church once when they said they didn’t like capital campaigns.  I find that most objections to raising funds, from this week’s offering to capital campaigns are from bad experiences in the past.  When I hear about the horror stories I am opposed to what was done too!  The key is to not make the mistakes of the past and to design a campaign that fits each church’s unique culture and context.

The key is to start not with the right process but with the right vision.  I spend the bulk of my time helping church leaders get the vision right.  It is not my place to have the vision, I believe that is the Senior Pastors place.  It is my skill set and Holy Spirit led gifting, that allows me to help the church clarify that vision.

Vision is the single most important element in any appeal to raise dollars.  Get the vision right and the process will take care of itself.  We always say that your vision must be…




Before you can communicate that to your congregation that vision MUST burn within your heart!  If the vision doesn’t inspire you how will it inspire others?  If you don’t believe in the importance of what you are raising money for how will you convince others of its importance and thus be willing to give money to support it?  Often a church staff will throw up objections to a capital campaign for instance when the real objection is they know it will require sacrifice on their part.  In short, the vision doesn’t burn within their hearts.

When you believe, truly believe, in what the project will enable you to DO for missions and ministry, you will be much bolder in asking.

Let me illustrate the above point.  Suppose someone in your immediate family has an incurable disease.  Suppose you learn of a drug that can cure that disease but it costs $1,000,000.  If you personally knew people who had the wealth to help you raise that amount, would you ask them to give?  Would you worry about offending them by talking about money?  You would overcome whatever fears or misgivings you had.  You would make the “ask” and make it boldly.

Our society has an incurable spiritual disease, called sin, which can only be cured by Jesus.  When you can share with potential donors how your project will help others be cured from the effects of sin THEN you can ask for money.

You can ask for money IF you do it the right way!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach @StewardshipMan

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