The Offering Talk Vault

The single most important thing you can do to increase giving at your church is to change how you take up your offerings. 

Yet tragically, the offering time has been one of the most neglected parts of worship. Now, post-Covid, many churches have stopped taking a physical offering, and many seldom mention giving. Church leaders spend more time planning out and executing the announcement time than they make the offering. It is no wonder giving, and givers are on a decline.

My mission is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time. I always start at the offering because how you and your team view the offering will determine your future financial stability. If you see the offering as an intrusion into worship or worry it might drive “guests” away, there isn’t any help I can give you. But if you want to elevate your offerings then you need access to my vault of hundreds of FREE offering talks.  You can read them as they are written or use them for idea starters.  Let’s make your offerings exciting and appealing!

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