Content Marketing

Hire The Stewardship Coach for your Content Driven Marketing

Are you looking to increase the traffic at your sites?  Do you need to create more leads for your organization?  Is your message lost amidst all the noise in your market place? I CAN HELP YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD!

John Maxwell, my former boss, taught me always to add value every time I engaged with a potential client.  John taught me to give away content adding value to the potential customer.  When I launched my first company that I later sold, The Charis Group, I started by writing the best content I could produce.  That content drove my marketing strategy generating leads that gave my company success when others failed.  I can do that for you!

My Content Marketing Plan is designed to produce quality leads for you and your organization!  How do can I accomplish this?  I use proven content marketing strategies across all your platforms. 



I write materials to show you are the leader in your field.  I help you establish that your company or organization is the leader in creative thinking.  My goal is to help you produce materials that drive interest to all your platforms, thus creating leads for potential business.


I help write content that shows your potential clients the value you bring to the table.  Every time a potential client lands on your platform, they learn valuable information about the needs they are faced with. This reinforces your expertise, which in turn gives you additional leads.

With my Content Driven Marketing Plan, you will see,

  • Increased web traffic which equals higher Google ranking, which helps position you at the top of all searches.
  • The increased traffic means more opportunities to gain potential client information that leads to… CONTRACTS!

Types of services I can provide for you,

  • Full content marketing plans and implementation.
  • Email marketing.
  • Guest blog posts.
  • Ghostwriting of White Papers for Lead Generation
  • Ghostwriting for books, newsletters, or web content.

The following is a list of some of the organizations that I have written content for:

  • Injoy Stewardship
  • Horizons Stewardship
  • Urban Awareness
  • The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Gyve
  • Catalyst Faithworks