Why Your Church Needs a 2 Minute Drill

Why Your Church Needs a 2 Minute Drill

Championship teams have a plan for closing out games called the 2 Minute Drill. I am going to show you why your church needs a 2 minute drill and how to get one.

How many football games are won in the last two minutes? A lot! In fact, winning teams have what they call a two-minute drill of preset plays all designed to score quickly thus ensuring a win for the team. Are you prepared for the two-minute warning when it comes to increasing your giving?

Let me give you a practical reason you need to have your own 2 Minute Drill for increasing giving.

25% of non-profits yearly revenue comes in the last few weeks of the year. They have learned the importance of an effective end of year strategy. You should too! One reason why is, some of that 25% of non-profit money comes from your members! Right now, your members are receiving compelling end of year “asks” that tug at their hearts causing them to give millions of dollars to charitable work. Good for non-profits but I want that money to go to your church. Why?

The mission of your church is essential for reaching your community for Christ! Let me be honest and tell you that non-profits hire professionals with great tools for building effective giving strategies. They thus have compelling messages that connect with your people. Yet you have something most non-profits don’t. Your message is eternal. We don’t simply feed the poor. We give them the Good News leading them to an eternity in Heaven.

The Red Cross can provide you with a blood transfusion. That is a needed and necessary but temporary cure. The blood of Jesus leads to eternal salvation. Every day your church impacts eternity. Your story of life change is a compelling message that people will gladly give to support. You simply need,

A plan of action to tell your story. You need a 2 Minute Drill! I’ve got you covered!

I have helped scores of churches build out effective end of year giving campaigns. I have seen millions of dollars pour into offering plates increasing what a church can do missions and ministry wise through my end of year strategies.

Get started NOW with my million dollar manual entitled, “The 2 Minute Drill for Giving: How to Build an Effective End of Year Strategy,” here, https://acts17generosity.com/shop/the-2-minute-drill/

I give you a detailed plan of action that is easy to follow. This same manual has raised millions of dollars. I have done all the work for you! Let’s get started creating your own 2 Minute Drill!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach


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