Why You Need An End of Year Giving Plan

Why You Need An End of Year Giving Plan

If you want to know why you need an end of year giving plan, consider that 30% of a non-profits revenue comes in December. 10% of their giving comes in the last three days of the year! In my experience, churches, while perhaps not seeing the same percentage, none the less see an increase in giving. How much depends upon your actions.

Right NOW is the time to begin your planning for the end of the year. I have helped scores of churches raise thousands of dollars in the last few days of the year. Here are some things I have learned that I want to pass along to you.

First, what is not important to you never gets attention from you. Let me share with you why you should be concerned about end of year giving.

  • How you end, the year sets the stage for the New Year.
  • End of year giving can help you close any gap in giving versus your budget needs.
  • Ending the year well builds confidence in your donor base for future “asks.”
  • End of year giving can mean a lot of money!

End of year giving is too important to not get your attention. As the old saying goes, “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” Here are some things to do right when it comes to end of year giving.

Advanced planning is the key to a successful end of year giving push. You can’t wait until the Saturday night before the last Sunday of the year to develop a plan of action. NOW is the time to start your end of year giving plans.

Set a realistic target. One week’s offering is a great giving goal for your end of year planning. While you might raise more, I find that this is a realistic target for most churches.

Craft and communicate a compelling vision. Dollars always follow vision. Here are some things to consider,

  • Only ask for one thing. Don’t confuse donors with multiple options. The exception is if you have a Christmas offering that is going to be split to various causes. It is still one “ask” that is simply going in multiple places. The more simple the ask, the more effective.
  • Need drives ask. What are of your ministry needs the dollars the most? That need should drive the “ask.”
  • Every Ask needs a driver. A driver is the story that touches my heart and thus drives me to pull more money out of my account to support your cause.
  • Make the ask about ministry and missions not making budget. Few are interested in you hitting some number. What they are interested in is changing lives and making a difference. Even if your “ask” is for the budget show people why that matters. What does making budget mean in terms of Kingdom growth? Show them how missions and ministry will increase as giving increases.

One final thought,

GET STARTED ON YOUR END OF YEAR APPEAL NOW! It’s later than you think and the time to plan is NOW!

I can help you.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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