Why You Need a Minister of Generosity (And Why I Am Your Best Candidate!)

Why You Need a Minister of Generosity (And Why I Am Your Best Candidate!)

Let you give you the answer to why you need a Minister of Generosity by asking you this question. At the start of the COVID19 pandemic, who reached out to you, asking, “How will this impact our giving?” Did anyone think about that or ask you those kinds of questions? If not, then you have just made a primary point for why you need a Minister of Generosity. Guys like me ask those kinds of questions. Then we build out plans to increase giving and givers.

That leads me to my next question. Did anyone give you a blueprint of how to navigate through this pandemic? My clients had a plan in place in the early days of the pandemic. Did you? If not, then you need your own Minister of Generosity!

Here is another reason why you need a Minister of Generosity. The churches that engage with me are in a better financial position today than if they had not engaged with me. The longer a church has followed me, the better their financial position right now. My goal before COVID19 was to help my churches arrive at a place of financial stability. For my clients, they already had in place the tools needed to navigate through this time. Do you?

“I am working harder and longer than I ever have!” A pastor told me that this morning. I have heard this a lot from Chrisitan leaders. This is another reason you need a Minister of Generosity! You do not have the time to do one more thing yet if you don’t pay attention to giving, you will continue to see giving decline. You can’t work any harder bu,t you can work smarter. Hire a Minister of Generosity!

Why I Am Your Best Candidate! Here are some things to consider:

  1. Few have my experience. After over 20 years as a Senior Pastor, I have for over 20 years worked with many of the top 100 churches as well as churches running 100. I have helped guys like Joel Osteen raise $100 million, and guys like Jason Bunger, raise $15K. I can help you!
  2. I was one of the first to offer my services as a Minister of Generosity over a decade ago. The idea started when a top 50 church pastor wanted to hire me as his Minister of Generosity. I figured out how to accomplish that without moving! Since that time, I have worked to improve and expand what I offer for churches. By the way, I am still on retainer with that first church. The year they “hired” me, I helped reverse their decline of $450K to an increase of over $2.5 million. I can produce a similar percentage of results for you!
  3. I have been the leader in online generosity coaching. I started virtual coaching about five years ago. So, I’d like to welcome the rest of my industry to this “new” concept!
  4. No one, none, nada, zip, zero, can compete with the volume of material I have written and write. Everyone is catching up to where I have been. No one can match the trove of material and help that I make available to those that engage me as their Minister of Generosity.
  5. I answer all my emails. Personally! You are more than a number to me. You are my calling.
  6. You can afford me! Here is what you are going to find with everyone else, more cost, and less engagement. I have multiple tiers that you can join, giving you the help you need for a price you can afford.

Here is my current price list and offerings:

  1. The Stewardship Coach Newsletter – $9.99 a month or $99 a year! You get key articles on how to increase giving, weekly offering talks, and much, much more!
  2. The Stewardship Coach Platform – $365 a year! – You get The Stewardship Coach Newsletter, all seasonal giving manuals, once a year financial analysis of your giving plus personal email access to me!
  3. Top 100 Member – $99 a month – All of the above, PLUS, weekly group teaching time, two financial analysis yearly, access to my full vault of generosity material, once a month personalized coaching and 24/7 email and telephone access to me! My goal is to disciple churches that want to be one of the top 100 generosity churches in America! Additionally, this is a great plan for churches 12 to 24 months out from a capital campaign.
  4. Capital Campaign Online – $99 a month with a 3-year agreement. You get all the help you need to successfully do your own capital campaigns.
  5. Minister of Generosity Retainer – Starts at $250 a month depending upon the size of a church’s budget.

Do you have a better plan? Frankly, do you have any plan?

I got tired of climbing on airplanes a long time before I ever heard of the Corona Virus! So, I started thinking over a decade ago about how to make generosity coaching more available and affordable for churches. Let me help you increase giving and givers! Let’s talk!

mark@acts17generosity.com Email me NOW!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

I also write generosity related articles for Gyve. Check them out at httpss://gyve.com/gyve-generosity-articles/

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