Why I Put So Much Emphasis on the Offering

Why I Put So Much Emphasis on the Offering

In this post, I am going to share with you why I put so much emphasis on the offering time. If you follow what I write you WILL see immediate results!

In every engagement with a church that contracts with me, I always start by reviewing their offering practices. Or in most cases the lack of any offering practice! Here is why I stress offering planning and execution:

It’s the easiest way to increase giving and givers. If your offering time is done properly you will increase giving and givers. I have seen clients increase giving by as much as 30% just by changing how the offering is planned out and executed. I can show you and your team how to see an increase in giving if you will follow me.

It sets the stage for everything else generosity related. In my experience, if you and your team “get” the importance of the weekend offering everything else will fall into place. Mess up the offering and you will mess up generosity across the board.

The offering is worship! “Just, as we get started in worship, we have to stop to take up the offering!” That was what a staff member at a top 100 church once told me. No wonder giving had declined at that church the previous year by -3%. If you and your staff don’t see the offering as worship you will always struggle to fund your missions and ministry initiatives. If we make the offering worshipful, you will see an increase in giving. I can help your team know how to do this!

I believe in the local church and the mission Jesus has given it. Period! What God has called you to do not only in your community but around the world is important enough to ask people to fund that work. We are changing the world one soul at a time. Our mission is worthy of asking people to support it financially. If you truly believe in your mission you will boldly ask people to financially support that work. It is, after all, God’s work.

If it sounds simple, that is because it is. However, are you thinking about the offering? Does your team spend more time planning out the announcements rather than the offering? I can help you with that. Each week through my newsletter, The Stewardship Coach, I write a weekly offering talk for my clients. Does it help a church? Read what a client sent me this weekend,

“I can say with confidence that your coaching and continued encouragement was an integral part of getting our church from where we were to a much healthier place – both in our own perspectives when it came to talking about generosity and giving, and in the actual financial stability of our church.”

I can help your church see similar results. Email me today to find out how at mark@acts17generosity.com Let’s improve your offering time today and as a result improve giving!

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