Why I Am Not Mad at Texas For Opening Up

Why I Am Not Mad at Texas For Opening Up

I’ll tell you why I am not mad at Texas for opening up 100%. Before I do please know that my intent is not to argue the virtue of opening versus continuing lockdowns. For every study, one person posts supporting closures, masks, etc. someone else will post one countering the “science” of that report. It’s like a Calvinist and Armenian arguing over eternal security versus free will. Each side knows their side is the righteous side. Thus the other side is not simply wrong but a danger to the truth. So, spare me your side, your arguments, and all the rest, and let me share with you why I am not mad Texas is opening up.

Someone must go first. Having attended seminary in the great state of Texas where both my children were born, I believe if anyone can do it they can. Hey, I’m an Oklahoma Sooner and we would not have won all those national championships without Texans crossing the Red River to play for Oklahoma. All kidding aside, it is my view that opening up state by state will allow us to better assess the nature of this pandemic. Trust me, knowing Texans, it was simply a matter of time. If you know Texans you know what I mean.

So, if someone is going to do it and Texas is I’m not about to be mad at them. Why?

First, we are going to find out if indeed the pandemic has passed enough for a safe return to some normality. The proof will be right in front of our eyes. If after a few weeks cases in Texas are stable or continuing to decline other states will follow. If people start dying then we will know it was a costly mistake. I must confess that after watching Florida this past year and living in South Carolina, my money is on Texas. When it comes to Texas proving one way or the other about safety, that is not my real interest. I’m curious about that, but what I really want to know is,

Will anyone show up for on-campus worship? 30% was the immediate average most churches saw when they re-opened after weeks of forced closures. Those who have been open the longest have seen some improvement in the percentage attending but it is still a far cry from 2019.

My question is, will Texas churches be any different. Texas never enacted the kinds of severe regulations that states like Michigan imposed upon churches. That must be taken into account. Yet, someone has to go first even as Mississippi gets ready to do the same. My point is that the next few weeks are going to show us a lot.

How will that impact giving?

That’s the question I always ask. You need someone asking those kinds of questions. First, you ask questions and then you craft a plan of action.

So, me? I’m not mad at Texas. I’m going to see what happens. You want my best guess?

The Governor of Texas is about to find out what a lot of pastors have found out. You can open back up but don’t expect everyone to come back.

Do you have a plan for getting your church financially through this year? I do!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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