When It Comes to the Offering, Be Creative

When It Comes to the Offering, Be Creative

If you want to improve the amount you take up each week when it comes to the offering, be creative.  For the past few years I have been the leader in writing offering talks and posts about how to improve the offering moment.  It is my contention that it is one if not THE most boring moment in our services.  As a result I started writing weekly offering talks.

I have written hundreds of offering talks.  I call them elevator pitches.  An elevator pitch is a short statement you can make in less than one minute.  Every weekend before the offering is taken up I encourage churches to use the time the usher walk forward to set up the offering.  In essence you are making the case for WHY people SHOULD give.

My goal with my offering talks is to help people see how a dollar given to your church makes an impact for good.  I call that connecting the dots.  Now scores of churches are using offering talks to set the stage for their offering time.  Yet here is a truth…

Even a good idea, repeated over and over again and again, gets stale over time and thus loses its impact!

So, what is the answer?

Be Creative!

Here are some creative ideas that will gain the attention of attendees and improve your ability to fill the plate this weekend!

  • Move it! – Don’t always do what you have always done.  By simply moving the placement of the offering you will give it new attention.  So, if you ALWAYS take up the offering before the sermon or after the service move it to another place in the service.
  • Use Testimonies – Utilize testimonies before the offering as a means of inspiration.  Lay people expect you to tell them to give.  When one of their peers talks about giving they listen.
  • Use tools like video and skits to make the offering fun.  There is a host of material out there, use it!
  • Interview key ministry leaders – I like to interview various leaders about the work their team is doing around the church.  For instance you could interview your VBS Director.  Ask questions about this year’s theme.  How many kids are expected?  How many kids are typically unchurched, etc?  Two to four key questions with short answers gives everyone an idea of that ministry.  Then you can say, “As we prepare to take up our offering I wanted you to hear how your generosity is making a difference!”

By being creative you will better gain the attention of your attendees and thus have a better chance of gaining their dollar!

Here are some final thoughts about the offering time…

  • Never waste another offering!  Your offering time is key towards helping your church be fully funded.
  • Put offering planning on your staff or finance teams agenda.  We plan for that which we deem important.  Trust me, come July, you will be glad you planned out each offering.
  • Never let just anyone take up the offering.  The offering should not be an afterthought in planning nor in the selection of who takes up the offering.
  • Always have a reason for the “ask.”  Don’t assume people know where their gift goes.  Teach, inform and most of all inspire them to WANT to give.
  • Ask and ask boldly!  You are changing the world so why be timid or apologetic about asking people to fund your life changing work?

These steps will assure that your offerings will be anything but boring.  When you do that you will also increase the amount given to your church.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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