The Number One Mistake Churches Make (In Generosity)

The Number One Mistake Churches Make (In Generosity)

The number one mistake churches make in generosity is, doing nothing! Churches have plans for everything except increasing giving and givers. Is it any wonder giving is in decline?

The first six weeks of the New Year are crucial and most churches have no plan for giving success. Here is what I wrote to my client churches this morning in my weekly newsletter, “The Stewardship Coach,”

In my experience, the first six weeks of the New Year set the course for how the rest of the giving year will go.  Do nothing, and I can assure you that six weeks into the New Year, you will be behind your budget numbers by at least one offering.  That means you will be playing catch up as you roll into your busiest time of the year.

Do you have a plan of action for the first six weeks? I do! I wrote a manual called, “Six Weeks to Giving Success: Ideas and Plans to Start Your Giving Year Out Right,” that gives you all the tools you need to start your giving year out right!

Email me at and I will send you more details about how you can get your copy and start your New Year planning!

What is your plan for increasing giving this year? If you don’t have one you need to follow me. I provide my client churches with all they need to not only get the year started off right but to stay on target. Schedule a call with me today to find out how I can help you make budget in the New Year!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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