The N-Word is Killing the Future of the Church

The N-Word is Killing the Future of the Church

Nothing. That’s the N-word that is killing the future of the Church. The majority of churches in America as a result of the pandemic are in a reactionary mode waiting for the next government direction on opening and safety. We now have over a year’s worth of experience with COVID-19 but most churches are still in survival mode. Last year my friend and long time client @RevShaneBishop wrote this,

The de-facto mission of many churches right now is survival from day to day.  The defense has been on the field too long and it is exhausted. It is time to bring out the offense!

I agree. One of my mantras before the virus was, “The church that plans for the future today is the church that will exist into the future.” Now that mantra is even more important. The reality is that few churches are moving forward with plans for the future. They are playing defense. All too often playing defense is really an excuse for doing, nothing!

“We are on hold at the moment. Waiting on the vestry to determine next steps.” That is an actual quote from a layperson after I had made a presentation about helping them raise capital dollars for a future project. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a similar reply I could retire and spend all day at the beach. Churches are notorious for doing, NOTHING!

“We have decided to wait and pray.” This might make you mad but I have grown tired of churches attempting to spiritualize away the fact that they are doing nothing to assure the future stability of their church. Let’s be honest, few work at prayer, and saying we will pray about something is only an excuse not to decide. And not deciding is deciding to do NOTHING! That is the N-word that is killing the future of your church.

“Wait,” you say. “That’s not fair. We are trying to figure out what buildings we need moving forward and if we even need buildings. That is not doing nothing!” It is if nothing results from your planning. If you are not actively working towards raising the funds you need for whatever your need is you are doing, NOTHING!

Here is a reality that was true pre-COVID and post-COVID. No matter what you do at some point you will need to raise capital dollars. The sooner you start raising capital dollars the easier the next project will go no matter what that project might be. Every growing church will be faced with needing to raise capital for either expansion or renovation.

Not starting soon enough is the number one mistake churches make in planning for their future.  Too many churches wait until the last minute to think about raising capital dollars.  For greater success give yourself adequate time for planning.  The more time you give to planning the greater the chance of success.

“I’d rather hear you went with our competitor rather than hearing you decided to do nothing.” A friend of mine in the stewardship ministry said that to a church many years ago. He like me was tired of church’s talking while doing nothing. I agree. The time for doing nothing is passed. It’s time to get your offense on the field. Let me coach you with a plan that solidifies your future.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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