The Key Elements of Taking Up An Effective Offering

The Key Elements of Taking Up An Effective Offering

What are the key elements of taking up an effective offering?  That is the question I have been writing on for the last couple of days working on a white paper entitled, “The Anatomy of a Great Offering.”  As I was working on that project I thought, I started thinking about the state of offering time in churches across America.  So, I thought I would give you…

Dr. Brooks’ diagnosis of the state of the offering in the American Church.  Like my new degree?  Since I was writing something on improving offering times, I felt a diagnosis of the patient might be in order.  Never mind that I wrote the paper first and am now giving the diagnosis.  I think it is important to reflect upon where we are and think about where we need to be.  So here are…

My reflections on over six years of offering talks.  I began working intensely on changing the offering many years ago.  But it was my launch of, “Elevator Pitch Your Offerings,” that started my weekly writing of an offering talk.  I write one a week, at least, and have for six years running.  So, I know a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two.  So, here is what I see right now are our issues we face as we think about the offering time.

We have yet to firmly establish that the offering is worship.   Too many staff treat the offering time as an intrusion from worship instead of a key part of worship.  Of all the elements in the typical church service, the offering time, is valued the least.  That shows up in how little time we give to taking up the offering.  It also shows up during worship planning.  Actually, it never gets planned!  Staff have more important things to discuss.  As a result offerings are never planned or thought out.  So,

By devaluing the offering we have inadvertently sped up the decline in giving.  How do you correct that?  One offering at a time!  By changing the culture and conversation surrounding generosity.  And that is the intent of my new white paper “The Anatomy of a Great Offering.”  One newsletter at a time, one blog post, tweet, etc.  It’s the point of all that I do.  Work to change how the offering is viewed and implemented.

How do you make the offering a time of worship? That’s the question I want you and your staff to be continually asking.  I would say that it begins by affirming a biblical view of the offering.  Then give it the time, attention, planning, creativity AND prayer that it needs.  If all else fails, use my offering talks! Go back to my main page and hit the Red Button.

Let me lay out one more issue we must get our hands around.  The fact that…

We are still luddites when it comes to 21st century giving patterns.  We are still thinking check and cash when we should be thinking click, hit send.  We have 20th century thinking when it comes to the offering.  We have to figure out not only the tech side of giving but how this impacts the offering as worship.  We have come a long way but we have a long way to go still.

Let me end with one final reflection for your thoughts.  Changing how a church takes up the offering is the easiest and most successful way my client churches see an increase in giving.  So come with me on this journey of discovery.  One offering at a time.

Mark Brooks – America’s #1 Offering Talk Writer

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