The Coming Storm the Church Faces

The Coming Storm the Church Faces

1%. That is the coming storm that the Church faces. Remember that number.  Because it’s the number that is going to spell the doom for many churches in the not too distant future. 

Here is sobering reality, for every church that exists today that 1% will be the make or break number of whether they continue forward.  Those that address the threat that 1% number represents have a significantly greater chance of surviving thirty years from now.  Those that ignore the threat will probably cease to exist.  Some won’t make it past the 2020’s.

The threat the Church is facing isn’t what most are concentrating on or thinking about.  Honestly, the Church is facing multiple threats on multiple fronts.  Sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all.  Societal issues are now a huge issue in the Church.  So, I have a bit of forgiveness for missing the threat that is right in front of them.

That is what makes this threat so dangerous.  It is rarely talked or written about.  To some it is almost taboo.  The threat now is viewed as a mere inconvenience for the most part.  Most ignore the threat.  Few are doing anything about the threat that 1% number represents.

OK, no more teasing.  Here is the importance of the number 1%.  A recent study found that at the present rate of giving decline, Americans by the year 2050 would only give 1% of their disposable incomes to the Church. That is 1% less than the current 2%.  If you don’t think that is a big deal then just imagine doing the ministry of your church this year with 50% less money.

50% less is exactly what the Church of 2050 can expect over what they are now taking in.  Across American Christendom churches and Christian non-profits will have been or will be closing their doors for good.  The question is, will your church be one of those?  The answer depends on what you do to face down this threat.

The ignored threat to the American church is the slow but gradual drip, drip, drip in giving to churches.  It has been happening since the 1960’s with almost year after year of declines.  There are multiple reasons for this decline in giving.

But here is the thing, the decline is getting ready to pick up speed.  Like a snowball effect this decline is about to be accelerated to the point that we might reach the 1% number sooner than 2050.  What is going to quickly accelerate the giving decline is the shifts in generational leadership and influence that is happening across America today.  Those shifts are and will continue to impact the church and giving.

My calling is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time. What are you doing RIGHT NOW to reverse the decline in giving at your church? I can help. Go back and hit the Red Button and schedule a free consulting call with me today.

Don’t wait for the 1% to derail your church!

Mark Brooks – America’s Generosity Coach

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