The Amazon Prime of Generosity

The Amazon Prime of Generosity

The Amazon Prime of Generosity! That is what I am designing for churches. Amazon Prime is a subscription based membership that gives discounts and free shipping to members.  That is the driving concept behind my Top 100 Generosity Church Initiative. I am looking to partner with 100 churches and church leaders interested in leading our nation to reverse the decline in giving.

For over 20 years I have worked with many of the top 100 churches in terms of size in America. I coach them through how to increase their budget giving and have helped them raise multiple millions of dollars on top of that.

God has spoken to my heart about the need to take this coaching nationwide. I believe He has called me to work with 100 churches right now to help sustain them financially into the future so that all their missions and ministry initiatives will be fully funded. I am calling this The Top 100 Generosity Church Initiative.

Let me coach you to become a Top 100 church! As a Top 100 church you get…

  • “The Stewardship Coach,” newsletter, my weekly coaching piece that includes…
  • Weekly offering talks! Some sites charge as much as $99 a month for this!
  • All my seasonal giving manuals, like, “The Fully Funded Summer,” and many others.
  • Group Coaching every week focusing on key topics of generosity with a Q&A time personally with the Coach.
  • Personal Coaching through email and monthly teleconferencing.

It’s a $99 monthly investment into fully funding your church! You can be a top 100 church! Hit the red button at and schedule a call today!

Let me coach you to generosity success!

Mark Brooks – American’s Generosity Coach for Churches

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