The $9.99 Stewardship Consultant

The $9.99 Stewardship Consultant

In 2006 I left what at the time was the number two stewardship firm in America in a large part because I disagreed with the direction of my industry. We were charging tens of thousands of dollars for pre-programmed, pre-packaged programs designed in the last century. I believed that church leaders needed more than a manual that was personalized with their name on it. I tell pastors all the time that if their staff can’t figure out how to put the program side of a campaign together, they should fire them and hire new staff. Frankly, everything you need to run a campaign is already on the Internet for a price much cheaper than hiring some of these firms. You need more help than that.

“Pastors, need to stop thinking about giving only when they have a capital campaign. They must think about it 365 days a year.” Ronnie Floyd

I remember back in 2012 when Dr. Floyd said that to me when at the time he pastored one of the largest churches in America. Now he heads up the SBC. Dr. Floyd understood then as he does today, that a vision needs to be funded. To accomplish that takes thought and planning every day of the year.

Yes, but he had a huge staff and I’m all alone.” He did have a big staff but none of them were designated with stewardship. He used me. I’m still on retainer by his former church.

“Yes, but he had a huge budget and could afford hiring you.” He did have a huge budget, its approaching $30 million now. Here is a reality. No matter what the size of your church it is always a struggle to make budget. The year Cross Church of NWA put me on retainer giving had declined by 3% the previous year. The next year it increase by 12%. He paid me a couple of thousand dollars a month to increase his giving by seven figures. I should have charge by percentage! I’m not complaining. I’m still on retainer.

$9.99 a month or $99 a year. That is how little it takes to engage me as your Minister of Stewardship/Generosity. Any church can afford that.

I’m inexpensive, not cheap. There are very few stewardship consultants in America that have helped raise more money than I have. No one has written more on the topic of stewardship and generosity than me. No firm will give you the help you need for the prices I quote. I’m here week in and week out, 365 days a year. My plans might not have the glitz and glam of the big firms. I do all my own stuff. You get me. I own the company, answer to no one and thus can set my prices to be low.

If you join my team you will never have to hire a stewardship consultant ever again. I’ll provide you with all the help you need not simply for a capital campaign but to increase giving 365 days a year. Why not give it a $9.99 try? Here is a list of my platforms,

The Stewardship Coach Platform.

The Stewardship Coach Print Platform – $9.99 a month. Get my weekly newsletter The Stewardship Coach with key articles, samples, and a weekly offering talk PLUS all my seasonal playbooks for Easter, Summer giving, End of Year Giving, and more all for only $9.99 a month!

The Stewardship Coach Digital Platform – $365 Join my group teaching time held most Monday’s at 11 AM EST called, Monday Morning’s With Mark The Stewardship Coach. You will get my personal teaching for the week, and a chance to personally interact with me your stewardship coach! You also receive The Stewardship Coach and all seasonal playbooks.

The Stewardship Coach’s Personal Coaching Platform – $99 a month. This is like hiring me as your Minister of Stewardship. It’s a personalized approach. This is a great plan for any church 12-24 months out from a major capital project.

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Need to raise capital dollars? Check out my new,

The Digital Capital Campaign.

The Digital Capital Campaign WILL help you raise the funds you need to fulfill the vision God gave you.  Get The Help You Need for Your Next Capital Campaign for a Price You Can Afford AND Never Have to Leave Your Office or Home! Join my Digital Capital Campaign Group for only, $99 a month!* Seats are limited and the next class is scheduled to start August 2nd.

Looking for more help? I have three tiers of set prices.

$12K – All virtual access with 24/7 support through the intensive part of the campaign. This is a perfect plan for the seasoned pastor who simply needs a bit of support.

$24K – Up to 2 scheduled on-site visits with 24/7 virtual access throughout the campaign. This plan is perfect if you need to raise more than 2 to 3 times your annual budget.

$36K – This is for larger churches or churches with major projects. The $24K and $36K are billed monthly and travel expenses are paid separately.

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I’m ready to be your $9.99 Stewardship Consultant!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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