The 50% Decline in Giving

The 50% Decline in Giving

1%.  Remember that number.  Because it’s the number that is going to spell the doom for many churches in the not too distant future.  You see, the American Church is in trouble and doesn’t even know it.  The trouble is coming from a threat they are either ignorant of our complacent about.

Here is a sobering reality for every Church that exists today that 1% will be the make or break number of whether they continue forward.  Those that address the threat that 1% number represents have a significantly greater chance of surviving thirty years from now.  Those that ignore the threat will probably cease to exist.  Some won’t make it past the 2020s.

The threat the Church is facing isn’t what most are concentrating on or thinking of.  Honestly, the Church is facing multiple threats on multiple fronts.  This was true before COVID19.  It is even more so now.  Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the threats we are facing. 

That is what makes this threat so dangerous.  It is rarely talked about.  To some, it is almost taboo.  The threat now is viewed as a mere inconvenience for the most part.  Most ignore the threat.  Few are doing anything about the threat that 1% number represents.

Here is the importance of the number 1%.  

A recent study found that at the present rate of giving decline, Americans by the year 2050 would only give just above 1% of their disposable incomes to the Church. 

That 1% is half the current 2%.  If you don’t think that is a big deal, then imagine doing the ministry of your Church this year with 50% less money.  Some of you, thanks to COVID19, have learned what that is like!  You are hoping next year is better.  What if it’s not?

In less than 30 years, 50% less is exactly what the Church of 2050 can expect over what they are now taking in.  Across American Christendom, churches and Christian non-profits will have been or will be closing their doors for good.  The question is, will your Church be one of those?  The answer depends on what you do to face down this threat.

My life’s mission is reversing the decline in giving one Church at a time. 

The goal I have for churches is to help them achieve financial security so that they can continue to do the missions and ministry God has called them to do.  To accomplish that we are on,

The Path to Financial Security!

What are you doing right now to avoid this decline? Do you have a plan? Without a plan of action to offset the coming decline your church’s existence is in danger. Is the path you are currently on leading you from decline or to decline?

I am leading my team on the path to financial security. Interested in joining us?

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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