Recovering the Lost Offering of COVID19

Recovering the Lost Offering of COVID19

With few exceptions churches are finding the need for recovering the lost offering of COVID19! In good years, and 2020 is not that kind of year, churches typically come out of the summer months behind in giving. On top of this, summers have typically been when some of our highest priced events are held. Is your bank account a bit thin right now? Would you benefit from making up a lost offering?

I have great news for you! Recovering the lost offering of COVID19 is possible, if you take action. I am going to share with you some quick thoughts on how to do this and then give you an opportunity to have a tool in place to add at least one week’s worth of offering to your bank account.

First and foremost, don’t panic! Around this time of the year, even before COVID19, I would see letters from churches who were basically sounding the alarm that giving was off almost begging members to give more to keep the AC running. Seriously, I once attended a church that sent out an appeal letter in the summer and led with the line that the electric bill was high due to increased use of the AC. Would you give to that?

Letters and emails that appear desperate exude a sense of panic not confidence. Donors are hesitant to give to any organizations that might sink right after their gift clears the bank. So, my advice for any come from behind strategy is that you,

Be positive! I know you don’t feel positive when you are trying to meet all the bills that are piling up. I am not saying you should sugar coat the reality that giving has been and continues to be a challenge. My point is that people give to that which makes a difference. Dollars follow compelling vision. The way to motivate your members to give more is not raising alarm bells but by focusing on the life change your church is seeing. Thus a key for any come from behind strategy is in,

Crafting a compelling message. Tell the story of what your church is accomplishing first. Recently I wrote a mid-year appeal letter for a church. I started by talking about the challenges that COVID19 was presenting the church but quickly shared three bullet points of what that church was doing in their community and church family. Then I listed three ministry initiatives coming up this fall that needed funding. This appeal was frank about the church’s need for funding yet it was couched in missions and ministry. The appeal was about making a difference not making budget! Craft a compelling message and you are much more likely to raise the dollars you need. The best message however, is worthless unless you,

Make the “Ask.” If you never ask, you will never receive. Too many church’s wait until it is too late to make an appeal for coming from behind in giving. If you are more than one week’s behind your budget numbers you need to act now to close that gap. Don’t know what to do? I have you covered with,

“Recovering the Lost Offering of COVID19” I just released my 2020 come from behind giving manual appropriately called, “Recovering the Lost Offering of COVID19.” This manual gives you everything you need to plan and initiate a come from behind strategy. Get your copy at,

A compelling message with a good plan will help you come from behind in your giving. Get started on your plan today. The longer you wait to act the further behind you will be and the harder it will be to catch up.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach


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