Leave Your Guns At the Door

Leave Your Guns At the Door

The following post was written in June of 2021 after the Southern Baptist Convention. Given all that is still going on, I thought it would be good to response for those wondering, who is Mark Brooks?

“Leave Your Guns At the Door.” That’s my newest Brooks Mantra.  It is also the title of this post.

I’m writing this in the aftermath of #SBC21 Southern Baptist’s recent Convention.  I didn’t go.  But looking at it through the lens of social media, as most did, it was ugly.

40% of my clients are Methodist. Mostly conservatives of the WCA variety.  The UMC set the bar for ugly when it comes to denominational social media attacks years ago. 

And then there is CRT.  Some of you, just reading CRT, caused your blood pressure to spike.  I have friends on both sides of this explosive issue.

Women in ministry?  Not touching that!  Here is why. 

You are reading this because you believe I can help your church, organization, or denomination improve stewardship and giving. If you’re a pastor, you just want help making budget this week.  You come here for insight and help into all things generosity-related. That’s what I am committed to bringing you every week. 

I work with anyone who is committed to fulfilling Matthew 28:18-20, The Great Commission.  You don’t pay me the big bucks for my political opinions.  You want to know how to keep the proverbial offering plate full so that you can do the things God has called you to do.  Some of you simply want to keep abreast of what is going on in the stewardship field.  Then you are in the right place.  The Stewardship Coach Platform is about helping one church at a time build financial security for the future.

If all of the above prattle fits you, then Welcome.  But, here is the thing, you gotta leave your guns at the door.  Guns?  All that denominational, political, societal, etc. stuff that can quickly divide us. “Stuff?  Those are crucial issues that must be addressed!” Yes.  Just not here.  Bring up a topic like women in ministry or CRT, and everyone draws their theological pistols and look out.  Your guns are your talking points, barbs, and holy slights against your foes.  Just hang those on the fence in the picture.  And, if you want to talk about giving, you’re welcome. But, you want to talk about other things, even and especially things I am passionate about; let’s take that somewhere else. 

Here we talk about all things stewardship and generosity related.  And we do so with dignity and respect to one another.  Even if you and I disagree about denominational issues, shouldn’t we still be able to help each other in other areas of ministry?

So, please leave your guns at the door. If you are interested in building financial security for your church then I am your guy. If you want to talk politics, head back over to Twitter.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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