Increase Your Giving By 30% By Doing 3 Things!

Increase Your Giving By 30% By Doing 3 Things!

“Since we have been following your coaching, our giving can be summed up with one word: phenomenal!  Giving is up 30%+ this year.”  That’s what a pastor in Virginia wrote me not long ago after he and his staff followed my coaching by doing 3 simple steps.  You can experience similar results.

I have developed a plan of 3 things any church can do NOW to increase their giving. I am blessed to work with many of the top 100 churches in America, helping them increase their giving.  One recent top 100 pastor said this about my coaching…

“Since Mark Brooks has been our generosity coach, our giving has increased by over 200%!”

In my over 20 years in the generosity ministry, I have helped churches large and small increase giving to the tune of over 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!!! I can help your church.  Follow these 3 steps…

  1. Elevate Your Offerings – The offering is the least valued time of our services.  To increase giving, you must elevate your offerings! How do you do that? Give the offering a prominent place in your worship. Don’t make the offering an afterthought. The offering is worship so treat that way. Planning out every offering is the first step towards increasing giving at any church. To do that you need to,
  2. Energize Your Offerings – How do you turn your boring offerings into meaningful, worshipful AND energized giving moments?  You have to energize your offerings with stories.  Stories are what people remember. It is why Jesus taught in Parables. Tell the story of the amazing things your church is doing. Then take up the offering. Stories answer the question of why a person should give. Finally, you need to make it easy for people to give. So,
  3. Electrify Your Offerings – Americans have moved away from checks and cash to electronic commerce.  If you are going to increase giving you must electrify your offerings. Check out my friends at

OK, but does every church see a 30% increase in giving?  No, here is what another pastor in Texas wrote me…

“Since following your coaching, our giving in the past year is up by over 17%!”

I KNOW that if you follow my coaching advice, your church can increase giving.  Some might indeed see a 30% increase while others might see less.  However, these three simple steps can increase giving at ANY church INCLUDING YOURS!

Let me help you NOW be fully funded to all that God has called you to do! Go back and hit the Red Button to set up a FREE consultation with me!

Mark Brooks The Stewardship Coach

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