I Got Out Coached Tonight.

I Got Out Coached Tonight.

The single most important thing you can do to increase giving at your church is to know how to elevator pitch your offerings!

“I got out coached tonight.”  That was what Sean McVay, the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams said after his team lost the Super Bowl on February 3rd.  When your team, known for its high powered offense, only scores 3 points the whole game you know something was off.  What a class act to take the blame saying it was his coaching that doomed his team.

Reading that report the day after the big game caused me to think about leadership and its role in winning and success.  We can argue that the quarterback Jared Goff is to blame with a poor performance.  To be fair to him, most of the game he was running for his life.  So is it the offensive line that is to blame?  It’s easy to point fingers after a loss.  So you have to admire Coach McVay for taking the blame.

Football is a team sport but Coach McVay showed leadership saying he could have done more.  He knows what all good coaches know, success starts at the top.

Are you getting out coached?  That is my question for you.  As you work to build out the systems and stories of your church are you setting the stage for success?  Who is helping you draw up the winning plays?  Your not trying to do this alone are you?

What is the value of a coach?  Ask Tom Brady.  Do you think he would be wearing six Super Bowl championship rings if it wasn’t for his coach Bill Belichick?  The best from Manning to Brews to Brady all have coaches that work with them to help make them better.

Most of the country hates the Patriots AND Bill Belichick.  Yet the vast majority of that antipathy is pure old jealousy.  They win and win a lot and we are tired of them.  The same holds true of Alabama in college football.  That team is led by another winning coach, Nick Saban.

So, back to my question.  Are you getting out coached?  I know football and Church are two separate things.  Trophies tarnish.  Our trophies are eternal.  Yet, all of us as Christian leaders can benefit from having a coach.  How is that?  Consider…

What Do Coaches Do For Us?

  1. They stretch us to do what we did not want to do or did not think we could do. 
  2. They see what we cannot see.  
  3. They have experience where we lack experience. 
  4. They hold us accountable.
  5. They make us better than we would be without them.  

When should we be looking for a coach?

  1. When you are faced with new or different challenges.  A good coach can help you navigate the challenges you face.
  2. When you want to take your ministry to a new level.  A coach can help you get to where you believe God wants you to be.
  3. When you have faced failure as a result of your own initiative. Frankly sometimes athletes fail and their failure causes them to reevaluate what they do.  They often hire a coach to help in that area.

I am a generosity coach.  I make easy the thing you hate.  With my coaching you WILL increase giving and givers.  I have coaching plans that fit any church no matter what size or location.

What’s in it for you…

            Reduced anxiety – You can pay the bills AND your salary!

            Reduced workload – I do the work for you!  Giving you…

            More time…to do more ministry!

My goal for you is to broaden and strengthen your base to assure the present and be prepared for the future.  Why is that important?  Because…

The church that survives into the future is the church that plans today for the tomorrow!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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