I Can Work With You No Matter Who You Voted For!

I Can Work With You No Matter Who You Voted For!

“Trump!”  That was the answer a leading black pastor gave me when I asked him four years ago who he was voting for.  This pastor had called to ask me the same thing.  At that time I was undecided.  The absolutely LAST candidate I was thinking of voting for was Trump.  When I was in Junior High we used to say of people they were crude, rude and socially unacceptable.  At that point that was my view of Trump.  So, when a black pastor told me he was voting for Trump I knew something was up.  Yet I remained unmoved and voted in the South Carolina primary for Marco Rubio.  Like many I just couldn’t get fully on the Trump train.

Then Chris Wallace in the last debate asked both Clinton and Trump their views on abortion.  The two answers were poles apart.  Like the distance of the North Pole to the South Pole.  I voted for Donald Trump and have never looked back.  Do I agree with him on all things? NO!  Yet I have learned to separate the person of Trump from the policies of Trump.  How could any Evangelical do otherwise?

But here is what I think is important and what I want you to know.  I work with anyone and any church that is attempting to win people to Jesus.  I don’t ask about your eschatology, your Calvinistic or Arminian views or whatever.  I serve pastors who can’t stand Trump and pastors who are among those that meet regularly with Trump.  I love them all and I simply decide to let their political opinions be their own. 

While I shake my head in wonder when the Mark Galli’s of the world voice support of removing a duly elected president I will NOT demean his views or say he has damaged his witness for Christ.  I would expect the same from his side of the aisle. 

My problem with Galli’s CT comments came not in his opinion that Trump should be removed, but in his statements that those of us who support Trump are somehow hurting the cause of Christ and our witness.  Discourse is one thing but disparaging other believers for their political views is not helpful to the Church and to the world we are mandated to reach.  MY opinion is that the recent CT editorial was ill advised, poorly written and ultimately harmful for everyone.

One more rant.  Did you see that Pope Francis responded that Christians should never seek to convert unbelievers?  Look it up.  I mean, dude, (can you call a Pope dude?) has he not read Matthew 28?

My hearts desire is to see everyone come to know Jesus as their personal savior! So, whether you voted for Trump or Clinton, whether you want Trump impeached or you want Trump left alone, I really don’t care.  I care about helping you and your church win the next person to Jesus.  I care about your church having all the money it needs to do all the missions and ministry you want.  I am not here to talk about politics.  I am here to help you be fully funded. 

Merry Christmas from,

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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