How Will That Impact Giving?

How Will That Impact Giving?

How will that impact giving? That is the question I am always asking. For instance a year ago as COVID-19 began its spread around the globe one of my first thoughts was, how will closing our churches impact giving? When it snows I think, how will that impact giving? A hurricane blows through and I think, how will that impact giving? The Stock Market plummets and I ask, how will that impact giving?

“You make it sound like all you care about is getting people’s money.” A stewardship consultant once said that to me as we were discussing a mutual article we were to write on how prayer and giving should be comingled. I was advocating making the weekly budgeted need a matter of prayer. He couldn’t get his mind around that and to him, it looked like all I was interested in was getting people to give. He objected to my attitude about giving. Let’s look at what is,

The Right Attitude – “I simply don’t like to talk about money.” I realize that some of you are uncomfortable with any talk about money, giving, finances, etc. I hear that a lot. I understand, but my approach might surprise you. Here is one of my core principles, it is not that we ask for money that people hate. It is how we ask for money that matters. I’m going to show you how to create a desire within people to want to give to your church.

What’s the right attitude for church leaders when it comes to stewardship? Let me answer that with a couple of questions. Is the mission of your church important? Do you believe in that mission or is this simply a job for you? It’s eternally important and you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t deeply believe in your calling. How about this for an attitude statement?

My mission, to impact my world for Jesus, is given to me by God. We are changing the world one life at a time. Since all this is true, why would a Christian not want to give money to support that mission?

If you adapt this kind of attitude, you just took the first step toward building a stewardship platform to put your church on the path to financial security. While we are talking about attitude, here is what motivates me:

I believe in the mission God gave the local church and that it deserves to be fully funded!

Therefore, I view things through that lens. So, I’m the guy that always asks, “How will that impact your giving?” Then, as your Coach, I will give you my two cents and show you a series of plays to meet the need at hand. This leads to one final thing, you must put have …

Action – Being fully funded will not happen by accident. I believe miracles still happen today but I have found that money doesn’t fall from heaven or grow on a tree. To get people to give you their money you have to capture their attention and, most importantly, their hearts before you get their dollars. You need a plan. I am going to help you with that. Week after week, through my newsletter, my playbooks and my coaching, together, we will work to keep you fully funded in 2021 and put you firmly on the path to financial security through this decade. That’s my plan. What is your plan and who asks this question of you,

How will that impact giving?

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

Put me to work for you so you will always have someone not simply asking how that will impact giving but showing you how to increase giving! Check out my plans here,

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