Energize Your Offerings for FREE

Energize Your Offerings for FREE

Quick, can you remember what was said during the offering time? Can you even remember the offering? I’m glad it’s just you and me. But, don’t feel bad. Few if any pastors and staff think about or plan for the offering time. This shows they don’t believe the offering is worship. Is it any wonder giving is in decline? Last week I wrote about the importance of.

Energize your offerings.  How do you turn boring offerings into meaningful, worshipful, AND energized giving moments?  You need to energize your offerings with stories.  Gone are the days when we can assume that our attendees know why they should give.  Your offering time needs to make a case for why people should give.  In my view, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by telling the stories of life change that your church is experiencing.  You want your attendees to see that their gifts make a difference. 

I’m giving away access to hundreds of offering talks to help you energize your offerings. Click on the link shown above and follow the sign up steps and your in! I give you talks filed by the year, by seasons, topics, etc. You can download them, print them off or use them on your smart device right from the pulpit! You can read them as they are written or use them as idea starters. Hey pastor, here is another hint, they make great sermon illustrations!

Let’s energize your next offering. For FREE!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach