DIY Generosity

DIY Generosity

Two churches desperately needing to raise funds sent me the following notes…

At this time, we are planning to create our own capital campaign.

We are likely leaning away from using a stewardship consultant at this time.

Do it yourself, or DIY generosity has been around for a long time.

Why Churches DIY Generosity…

They have devalued generosity. What you value you spend time on. Few churches spend any time planning out a generosity strategy. Do you have one? For every other thing we deem, “important,” we have plans. Because we devalue generosity we fail to see the importance of it. Why would we then pay someone to do what we don’t think has value?

The Tyranny of the Urgent. Generosity always gets the back seat. Then at the last minute we think, “Oh, no! We are behind budget what should I do?” Or you think, “We need to raise capital dollars yesterday!” Since we don’t plan ahead we have to resort to doing it ourselves.

Failure to admit they need help. I know what you are thinking. How hard could it be? It’s not like it is rocket science. Well, as I told a Church Executive Pastor once who actually said that to me, “Do you think of that?” My advice is often simple. Yet as we move through the shifts in society it is getting harder and harder for churches to be fully funded. Even the best athletes have coaches. Why should you be any different?

They’re cheap. That is a bit harsh but it is true. Here is a softer way to say it. They don’t see the value of engaging a coach like me. A few years ago one of my long time monthly retainer clients dropped me since the capital campaign was over. That year giving decreased. He saved a few thousands of dollars dropping me but they in turn lost a couple of hundred thousand dollars in declined giving.

Declining giving is always the result!

A few years back I worked with a top 100 church in terms of attendance helping them increase giving. Then the pastor decided he didn’t need my services. Even as he approached a capital campaign he still felt no need to get re-engaged. Then he texted me one night with the results of “his” campaign wanting to talk ASAP. Here is the final text before the call…

Will be certain to call by AM. Confession!!!! Should’ve retained your services 6 months ago. The pastor needs pastoral counseling. LOL

Don’t consign something as important as generosity to a DIY approach. If you do you might just need pastoral counseling! Set up a call with me today to find out how I can help you be fully funded!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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