Be a Top 100 Church!

Be a Top 100 Church!

Oh, come on! You know you look at all those lists. I do to. Of course we all do it hoping to learn some secret to their success. What can I take from them and apply to my church?

I work with a lot of the top 100 churches. None of them set out with that as a goal. One thing led to another, or should I say one person led to another person? Yet they each took a path that led to abundant growth thus landing on someone’s top 100 list.

What if you could be a top 100 church? Impossible? Actually you can be a top 100 church. I don’t necessarily mean by size. I mean one of the top 100 churches in generosity in America. I’m not talking in terms of dollars raised, though we are going to do that. I mean you have the best practices leading towards meeting and exceeding all your missions and ministry funding.

Are you 1 of the 100? I believe I was called by God to help raise up and disciple in generosity 100 churches large and small. The top 100 will set the pace on how generosity is done in the 21st century in the Acts 17 context we live in.

I have begun pouring my life’s work into a group of people interested in building a 21st century culture of generosity in the local church. I am going to teach them everything I know. Then I am going to coach them as they coach you. That is the long game of where I am headed.

Right now I am looking for the next 1 of my Top 100! Not long after I started discipling guys in generosity, the thought hit me…

What if I discipled 100 churches in how to build a culture of generosity at their church? I was on my back deck praying and thinking when that thought came to me. A God moment? I believe it was. AND, it’s what I have been doing all along. I have several churches already in this group of 100 that I have been coaching, some for years. EVERYONE of their churches has seen amazing growth in giving!

Let me coach you to become a Top 100 church! As a Top 100 church you get…

  • “The Stewardship Coach,” newsletter, my weekly coaching piece that includes…
  • Weekly offering talks! Some sites charge as much as $99 a month for this!
  • All my seasonal giving manuals, like, “The Fully Funded Summer,” and many others.
  • Group Coaching every week focusing on key topics of generosity with a Q&A time personally with the Coach.
  • Personal Coaching through email and monthly teleconferencing.

It’s a $99 monthly investment into fully funding your church! I guarantee it or you get your money back! By the way, marketing guys hate putting the price on the offering this early in the process. The thinking is you want to hook them. As a former pastor of over 20 years, I will always shoot straight with you. It’s $99 bucks a month but you can cancel at any time. Why would you though if I am helping you raise the funds you need to do all God has put on your heart?

If you are interested, scroll back up to the top of the page to where you can see the Schedule a Call button. Hit that and simply follow the directions. When you get to the last question, “What are you hoping the call will help you with?”, put in the word “coaching.” That sets up a call with me and we can discuss it from there.

So, how is the next 1 of the Top 100 generosity churches in America?

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