A New Stewardship Firm is Coming

A New Stewardship Firm is Coming

A new stewardship firm is coming as a part of Acts 17 Generosity. It is going to be called The Acts 17 Collective.
What is a collective?  Google the word and you find this definition…a cooperative enterprise.

It will be made up of a collection of the top generosity coaches in America that have raised billions of dollars over the course of their careers. Each “coach” operates under their own company umbrella but they collectively share data, material and support.

Why another firm? It’s past time for the stewardship industry to stop thinking in 20th century cultural terms and start thinking and providing for our churches a 21st century strategy.  We begin by asking the right questions that will lead to correct solutions.

How are we different? We show that we are THE experts when it comes to all things related to giving.  We establish a culture in our company where we stop thinking of ourselves as a capital campaign firm.  We become strategists working to fully fund the church.  And, we do the best capital campaigns!

Act 17 “coaches” use the directed coaching model of consulting.  We move away from the traditional 20th century model of building multiple teams and committees to few if any teams which eliminates several standard trips.  We provide more hands-on consulting with the Senior Pastor where he needs it most, at the front end for planning AND working his High Capacity donors.  Using technology, we are actually more engaged even though we are not physically present.  We thus provide more coaching, more help and more accountability not less. This is a win for the church as they will receive the help they need for a price they are happy with!

The Acts 17 concept is a collective of consultants under one banner respecting each consultants individual company.  Why not just go it alone?  Because one-man bands are viewed differently by potential clients.  By pooling resources, we can build the needed and necessary platforms that will produce leads and provide the support each consultant/coach needs.

What is the benefit that would cause a consultant to want to join Acts 17?

  1. Extend your career.  Using technology, we increase our effectiveness while reducing our travel.
  2. Increase your freedom.  YOU are the boss of YOUR company!
  3. Increase your revenue.  Why should you pay a high percentage of your contracts to large firms?  Acts 17 coach’s contribution to the collective is significantly less than the average consultants are now paying.  Contributions to the collective goes primarily back into the company for marketing, R &D, websites, etc.  It does not go to make the founder rich!
  4. Guarantee your income.  Build a monthly recurring income stream from generosity coaching.
  5. Find new leads.  Our creative approach to marketing WILL increase our leads.
  6. Collaborate with the best in the industry!  Pooling our vast years of experience makes us better.

At Acts 17 Generosity one of our life goals is to revolutionize the stewardship industry. We are on the cutting edge years ahead of our industry. Come join us because, the future is NOW!

Who is with me?

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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