A Great Example of Setting Up the Offering

A Great Example of Setting Up the Offering

Americans year after year give less of their incomes to the church.  Since 1968 the percentage of income given to a church has decreased from 3.11% of our incomes to 2.1%. COVID-19 will impact this percentage. At the present rate of decline by 2050 Americans will give barely 1% to their church.  This seemingly small decline totals up to billions of dollars lost for missions and ministry for the Church.  One reason for the continued decline is the poor way in which the typical church goes about taking up the offering.  One exception to this is Phillips Temple in the Dayton, OH area.

Led by Pastor Jimmy Washington this church in an economically challenged area of our country has seen their giving stay constant.  One reason why is that Pastor Washington approaches each offering with thought AND makes the ask to give boldly.  Pastor Washington uses the two minutes before each offering to set a positive message about the offering.  Before every offering, they put the following up on their screens and have everyone repeat these words…

As we receive today’s offering we are believing the Lord for:

Jobs and better jobs,
Raises and bonuses
Benefits Sales and commissions
Favorable settlements
Estates and inheritances

Interests and income
Rebates and returns
Checks in the mail
Gifts and surprises
Finding money
Debts paid off
Expenses decrease
Blessing and increase

Thank You, Lord, for meeting all of my financial needs that I may have more than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now that is how to take up an offering!  It sets the offering in a whole new light.  The people of Phillips Temple respond joyfully.  Say what you will but their offering is certainly not boring!

Most church offerings are lifeless and boring.  The vast majority of pastors and leaders give little to no thought about how to take up the offering.  Is it then any wonder that giving is on a decline?  My challenge to pastors is to spend a bit of time each week thinking through what you can say to motivate your members to give in a way that is positive and will excite the membership.

Always link the offering back to what you as a church are accomplishing.   People give to that which matters.  Make giving important and people will give.  Show them the benefits of giving and they will give.

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The offering is worship so like all aspects of your worship service put some thought and planning into your offerings!  I believe that doing so will make an impact.

Mark Brooks- The Stewardship Coach

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