8 Key Components of Effective Offering Talks

8 Key Components of Effective Offering Talks

When you learn my 8 Key Components of Effective Offering Talks, you’ll never be baffled by another offering! Here is a tip, the easiest way to increase giving at your church is through an effective offering time set up by a talk of 2 minutes or less. If you are looking at offering talks like a set of complex parts I can help you!

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By God’s grace I have written more offering talks than anyone in the world. Frankly, I have lost track, but I have hundreds available. I have written offering talks for pastors of churches in the top 100 of attendance and for churches running less than 100.

When I write offering talks I keep 8 key components in mind. Use these components to write your own offering talk.

  1. Start with the attitude that all attendees should WANT to give to your offering.  The issue is not that the church talks too much about giving; it is how we do it.  Let’s put some thought into our offering time, creating a message that creates a desire to give.  Your attitude about the offering drives how you take the offering.
  2. Give time to planning and forethought.  Most churches NEVER think about the offering until it is time to take the offering!
  3. Never apologize for taking up the offering.  The offering is worship, so make it worshipful.  We don’t tell guests they don’t have to sing, so why do we go out of our way to tell them they don’t have to give.  They will figure that out quickly!  So, never start your offering with, “If you are a guest today, please don’t feel you have to give.”
  4. Always connect the dots.  Every talk should help people see how a dollar given the church helps fuel ministry.  It is what I call connecting the dots.
  5. Tell your story of life change.  One of my mantras is, “get a story, work your story, tell your story, and people will give to support that story!”
  6. Be relevant.  I use the calendar and the seasons of life to connect the offering talk to the world my listeners are living now. Make your talk fresh to the time we live in.
  7. Be positive.  Guilt never works.  People know they ought to give.  Show them how giving makes a difference, and they will give.
  8. Ask them to give!  Jesus said, “You have not because you ask not.”  So ask people to give, and they will give.  When you ask correctly, you will be surprised at the results.

Use these eight components to build out effective offering talks, and you WILL see your offerings increase!

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Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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