7 Steps to Elevate Your Offerings

7 Steps to Elevate Your Offerings

The typical church offering time is the most boring, dull, lifeless moment of worship but there are 7 steps to elevate your offerings that will change that! 

The typical has unwittingly de-valued the importance of the offering. Is it any wonder giving is in decline? It is past time churches took the next step to improve their offering time to improve giving!

My clients who use my coaching are seeing an increase in giving despite these challenging times!  One key reason why is that I have taught them to, Elevate Their Offerings.

The major reason offerings are so boring and ineffective is that the typical church staff never spends any time working on the offering.  The offering is the least valued time of our services.  To increase giving you must elevate your offerings!

Here are the 7 steps I coach churches to do when it comes to the elevating their offering…

1.) Take it up!

A recent study of churches giving showed that those churches that did NOT pass an offering during their services on average collected 10% less than churches of the same size that DID pass an offering plate or basket.  Can you afford a 10% cut in giving?  So, take up the offering every week.  Just make sure you…

2.) Position it!

By position I don’t mean the placement of where in the service the offering is taken up.  I mean the offering needs in your thinking and mindset as high a position of importance as any other element of your worship time.  Which leads me to the next point about the offering…

3.) Plan it out!

Churches plan out every element of their worship services EXCEPT the offering.  Why is that?  I coach my clients to plan out every offering 52 weekends a year.  In your planning always…

4.) Connect the dots!

To gain dollars you have to show donors how a dollar given to your church helps make our world a better place?  I call that connecting the dots.  Connect the dots of how money given in the plate impacts the world and your plate will be full.  Then…

5.) Mix it up!

Doing the same thing all the time the same way leads to boredom.  The more you mix it up the process and placement of the offering the better opportunity you have of gaining more dollars.  Speaking of mixing it up, consider…

6.) Give options!

We live in a digital world where cash is more and more becoming less utilized in commerce.  This is impacting giving.  People today want to give in the same way they do everything, digitally.  So, make sure you have all the online giving options AND that you regularly highlight these. Check out my online giving partner, Gyve, httpss://gyve.com/

Then finally…

7.) Keep it up!

Don’t stop taking up the offering.  Your church is changing the world and it deserves to be fully funded.  The more time, thought, planning and prayer you put into your offering the more your plates will be full. This is especially true as we navigate through COVID-19.

Follow this simple 7 steps and your offerings WILL increase! 

Want more help and advice?  No one in America has written more about the offering OR more offering talks than I have.  Let me share with you my secret sauce to success.

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Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach 

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