5 Keys To a Better Offering Time

5 Keys To a Better Offering Time

I want to give you 5 keys to a better offering time.  Every Friday I try to post something dedicated to some aspect of the offering.  I have written more on offerings and written more offering talks than any other person I know of.  Churches that have used my materials have raised much more than they did before. Here are 5 keys to a better offering time.

Take it up!  A recent study found that churches that don’t take up an offering raise on average 15% less than churches of similar size who do take up an offering.  It is not that you take up the offering that turns people off.  It is how you take it up.  So…

Set it up!  I believe you have sixty to ninety minutes from the time the ushers come from the back to the front to say something positive about the offering.  I want those in attendance to know that a gift in the offering plate helps us change the world for Jesus!  I call it connecting the dots.  Help them see how a gift to your church fuels missions and ministry.  To do that effectively you need to…

Plan it out!  I am amazed that we plan out every element of our worship services except the offering.  No wonder the typical offering is the most boring part of worship.  No wonder giving is in decline.  Put offering planning on your staff agenda.  Spend ten to thirty minutes each week talking through what will be said and especially who will take up the offering.  The offering is so important that you should, never let just anyone take up the offering.  When it comes to the offering, stop winging it and start planning it out.

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Message it out!   Again, you are looking to set up the offering and to me the best way is to communicate a message about the offering.  Always have a reason for the “ask.”  You might share stories of what your church is doing.  The point is, have a story behind the “ask” and you will see a better result.

Boldly ask!  Never apologize for taking up the offering.  We are asking people to help fund all the mission and ministry work your church does.  You are doing an amazing job of sharing hope to a world that desperately needs good news.  We have THE Good News!  Every generous gift in your offering makes it easier for you to do the work of ministry that God called your church to do.  So, step up to the pulpit and take your best swing!

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Never waste an offering opportunity.  Never assume people “get” the importance of giving.  With a commitment to the offering and by putting time into planning and executing the offering you will have…a better offering!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach


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