4 Major Hurdles to Hiring a Stewardship Firm

4 Major Hurdles to Hiring a Stewardship Firm

There are 4 major hurdles to hiring a stewardship firm that you need to know about.  I always say that if I only had to convince a pastor to hire me, I would never be needing work.  What often occurs is that a committee, Board, or other groups of laypeople will overrule the pastor’s desire for help in a capital campaign.  Their objections, though well-meaning, can be hurdles that you must overcome if you are to have a successful capital campaign.  Here is the list of the four major hurdles I see the most.

Hurdle number one:  Can’t we do this ourselves?  Many churches think they know how to do a capital campaign and thus go it alone.  Studies show these churches raise far less than what they could have with experienced help.  DIY capital campaigns are a lot like DIY plumbing projects.  Ultimately you have to hire a professional to get it right.  Professional campaign consultants will help you avoid mistakes that could ultimately derail your project.  Their experience is far greater than yours when it comes to capital campaign design and implementation.  By engaging a professional, you will raise more money than if you go it alone.

Hurdle number two:  Why should we spend money to raise money?  The number one reason churches do their own campaign is to save money.  Here is what you need to ask yourself, “Is saving a few thousand dollars worth losing hundreds of thousands of dollars?”  Scripture tells us the laborer is worth their hire.  A good consultant will more raise far more than the fee you pay for their services.

Hurdle number three:  Wow!  That is a lot of money!  If you don’t like the fee a firm quotes, you negotiate a better one.  Every firm will negotiate, but few churches ever think to drive a hard bargain for the help they want and need.  We are the leaders in breaking down partnerships for a price that churches can afford.  You should pay for what you want for a price you are happy with.

Hurdle number four:  Let’s pray about this.  Before you hit the exit button, let me state that I believe you need to pray about this!  However, many times committees use this as an excuse to do nothing.  Doing nothing is not spiritual.  So pray but make a decision.  The longer you wait to get started, the harder it will be to raise the dollars you desire.

Knowing ahead of time the objections that often become hurdles will help you get the help you want and need!  The reality is that capital campaigns are more complex than people think.  As the old saying goes, “anything worth doing is worth doing right!”  Overcome these four hurdles and hire the best firm for you.  I believe we are that firm!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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