4 Core Values Your Church Must Address in our Secular Society

4 Core Values Your Church Must Address in our Secular Society

The following post was written by my friend Chad Vanderipe who works with churches across America helping them with their building needs. Given what we are up against in planning future facilities, I asked Chad for permission to post the following. Even though this was written prior to COVID19 the values he lists must be addressed.

4 Core Values Your Church Must Address in our Secular Society

By Chad Vanderipe

Many churches are battling declining memberships and are being challenged in their ability to have a significant impact. 

How can the Church go on the offensive to defend its significance and face an increasingly secular society?

Consider strengthening these 4 core values to overcome stereotypes that might have hindered people from coming in your front door.

#1: Strengthen your vision and mission!

As leaders, we must consistently make our vision and mission clear — and demonstrate them. 

Young families especially want to be part of something that’s affecting change or has a cause. 

Preach your vision and mission often and be intentional about having a plan for implementation! The Bible tells us that “where there is no vision, the people perish” — and keeping that vision alive and centered in your church will help your congregation feel anchored and invested in a greater mission.

#2: Beef up your social media!

 While every pastor wants people in the seats, if your church is weak on social media, you’re missing opportunities.

It’s a digital age! The stronger your church is on social media, the more likely it is you’re attracting new members. If people like what they see online, they’ll more than likely breach the front door eventually.

Also make sure your website is clear and easy to navigate, and that basic information (such as location, service times, and community groups) is easy to find.

#3: Engage the community from your doorstep!

This step is simple, and there are several ways it can be done — from volunteers waving on the street corner before services, to positioning greeters at the front door, to having worship music played outside of your facilities. 

Demonstrating excitement outside your front doors will not only lift your current members, it will also garner the curiosity of many who are passing by.

 #4: Change your carpet!

Your property doesn’t need to rival to Taj Mahal to be appealing; however, an investment in your facilities affects people’s mindsets. 

If they walk into old, tired facilities, they might feel tired and old themselves! On the other hand, if they walk into fresh, clean, newer facilities, they’re impacted in a different way. Remember walking into a nice home or hotel and how you felt? Probably at peace or at rest. Maybe you felt welcomed or inspired. Think about how you want your guests to feel and make it a point to create that atmosphere in your church.

It can be overwhelming to think of changing things in your normal routine. But, strengthening even one of these core values can help your church expand its impact in your community and help breathe new life into your congregation and outreach.

We have a very limited amount of time to make a first impression, and we can never fully know how much of an impact that impression will have. Taking stock of where we are, and strengthening the areas we can, helps reach a broader audience in our own corners of the world that God has called us to serve.

Chad Vanderipe specializes in business development at Churches by Daniels. httpss://churchesbydaniels.com/ He is known for helping, educating, and supporting pastors and committees on campus development and expansion projects. As an experienced client engagement advisor, Chad helps pastors and their teams see beneath the surface both the opportunities and challenges that come with developing their campuses. Chad can be contacted at, cvanderipe@churchesbydaniels.com

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