2021 Giving Will Continue to be a Challenge

2021 Giving Will Continue to be a Challenge

The world said goodbye to 2020 with hopes that 2021 will be different. Sadly when it comes to your offering, 2021 will continue to be a challenge. Consider these facts”

  • OutReach Magazine released a new study late last year stating that out of over 1,400 church leaders, almost 60% of respondents indicated that a reduction in giving income is one of the top challenges facing their church.
  • 20% to 30% decline in giving in 2021 is what Thom Rainer is predicting for churches.
  • Barna stated last August that 1 out of 5 churches could close their doors forever due to the lockdowns in the next 18 months.
  • Church attendance for those back to on-campus services is running around 30% to 40% of pre-COVID attendance.

Thus my prediction that 2021 giving will continue to be a challenge for churches.

What should your response be? Here is what I would recommend your response be.

First and foremost, double down on your mission and vision. If your vision isn’t big enough to overcome a virus, then it wasn’t from God in the first place. Your mission and vision are your North Star, leading you through this crisis. Keep your eye on Jesus and your focus on your mission and vision. If you’ll do that, I can help you raise the money you need!

Next, be realistic. 2020’s setback’s will not be made up in 2021. Unless we have a revival. So, pray for miracles, but plan for the realistic. Unless the new vaccines can be quickly distributed to the masses, most are saying it will be late spring at the earliest. Six months. Then, how many more months until everyone “feels safe?” We’ve made progress, but we are not out of the woods yet.

Thus, you need to lower your expectations. Attendance is going to be slow to rebound. This might not be the Easter comeback we wanted.  Some of you could still be in lockdown. Again, it is my belief that sadly, what you are experiencing now will look similar to life six months from now. Tragically, much of this depends on if you live in a Red or Blue state. But here is the thing …

We all have to figure it out. How have businesses stayed open? They figured out how to keep connected with their customers. We need to take a play from their playbook and do similarly.

We will soon be one year into this. You have had to recreate on the fly. Yet, by now, we know more than we did before. I’m counseling my lead pastors to think 12 to 24 months out. At the same time, I want their eye on 2030. What steps do you need to take now to get you successfully into the thirties? Asking the question is the first step. Finally,

Have a plan and work your plan. Without a plan of action, you will not be fully funded in 2021. Try my playbook, “Six Weeks to Giving Success.” https://acts17generosity.com/shop/six-weeks-to-giving-success/

My clients are navigating through the COVID minefield because they have plans of action. Do you have a plan? I have one for you!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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