1 Easy Way You Can Improve Your Offering Time This Year

1 Easy Way You Can Improve Your Offering Time This Year

There is 1 easy way you can improve your offering time this year.  It is so easy that a caveman could do this.  Doing this one thing will put you ahead of most churches in the world.  This one thing is as easy as turning on the lights.  It’s an idea that is like a light bulb turning on showing you the path to success.  Are you ready?  Here is the one easy way to improve your offering time…

Plan out each and every offering ahead of time.

I told you it was easy.  Yet few churches plan out their offering time.  I pastor called me yesterday and said…

“I realized that all too often I wait until the last minute to think of what to say before the offering time.  Usually on my way up to the platform to take up the offering is when I think that I need to have something to say.”

If you wait until then you have waited too late!

We plan out every aspect of the worship service except the offering time!  Why is that?  The offering IS worship so why do we not plan out that aspect of our worship services?  How is it that something so important gets so little time of preparation?

How much time a week do you invest into offering planning?  ‘Nuf said!

So, here is my suggestion.  Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes planning out each and every offering in this coming year!  If you will do this I can guarantee you that your attendees will never look at the offering in the same way again.  I can also guarantee that if done right, your giving will increase.

Here is my one idea in a nutshell…

  • Never waste another offering by not planning out what is said before the offering!
  • Put offering planning on your staff agenda.  Do this EVERY week.
  • Never let just anyone take up the offering.  Only let those who are prepared take up the offering.
  • Always have a reason for the “ask.”  Show people what they gift does and you will find they will be more willing to give to support the work you do.
  • Ask and ask boldly!  Never apologize for taking up an offering that fuels the amazing things your church is doing.

It’s just that simple and easy.  Do this and you WILL see an increase in givers and giving. I have done all the work for you with my 2023 playbook!

“The 21st Century Offering: The Offering Isn’t Dead; It’s Different.” Get your copy at: https://acts17generosity.com/store/

Together, let’s improve your offering!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach