What Is Acts 17 Generosity?


Acts 17 is a 21st-century approach to helping churches reverse the decline in giving providing them financial stability into the future.

A few years back, I was researching the different shifts in age demographics that were impacting the Church and, in particular, giving.  I read “Generation Z” by James Emory White.  In that book, he talks about how the Apostle Peter, on the day of Pentecost, stood up in Acts 2 and started with Scripture explaining what had just happened.  Paul, in Athens in Acts 17, gets up to preach to heathens, and he begins by talking about the statue to an unknown god.  One started with the Bible, and the other started with culture and moved to the Bible.

White says, “We have to move from an Acts 2 cultural context to an Acts 17 cultural context.  We are not speaking to God-fearing Jews in Jerusalem.  We are standing on Mars Hill, and we need an Acts 17 mindset with an Acts 17 strategy.”  Emphasis mine.

For years capital campaign firms specialized in one thing, capital campaigns.  My big idea is, why shouldn’t a church get someone to help them that specializes in all things generosity related?  To be effective in the 21st-century, we need to view generosity through an Acts 17 lens.

Acts 17 Generosity serves as my umbrella organization for the various stewardship related initiatives and services we provide to help churches.

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