This Easter Let’s Change the Conversation About Money

This Easter Let’s Change the Conversation About Money

If you want to have your best offering this Easter let’s change the conversation about money!  How does the church change the conversation about money?  I think we need to reset the conversation and the following are some key thoughts to that end.

Before we take up the offering we need to communicate that…

It’s not about money it’s about missions.  The Church is in the business of bringing the Good News of Jesus to a lost and dying world.  Missions starts at the parking lot of the church and goes around the world.  When a crisis like the earthquake in Turkey happens The Church was the first on the scene because The Church was already there doing missions thanks to Christians who gave at their local churches.  When I give to my church I am giving to missions!

It’s not about money it’s about ministry.  Who visits you when you are in the hospital?  It is not your Congressman!  Who counsels you when you have a crisis?  It is not Dr. Phil.  Gifts to a church allow that church to do ministry.  That ministry impacts people locally but it also impacts me.  My gifts are returned to me through meaningful ministry that I can get nowhere else.

The amazing thing is that the church ministers to people whether they give or not.  I can’t get in my health club without paying my dues but no one at the church shuts the doors to people who haven’t paid their dues.  When I give to my church I am giving to ministry.

It’s not about money it’s about obedience.  Who is it that complains most about churches talking about giving?  Lost and carnal people complain.  People who lack obedience to the call of Jesus complain about giving.  True Christian disciples understand that giving is a part of being a believer.  It is an obedience issue.  When I give to my church I am being obedient to the call of Jesus.

The Red Cross never apologizes for asking for donations.  Yet I have heard countless sermons on giving begin with the minister apologizing for talking on the topic.  If we truly believe that what we are doing is God’s work then why would we hesitate to ask Christians to generously support it?  Let’s stop apologizing for asking for money to fuel missions and ministry.  It is high time we set the conversation about giving in a new light and context.  This Easter make giving about missions and ministry and see what a difference it will make.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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