Mark Brooks

The Math Doesn’t Add Up and I Have Questions

99.95% of all COVID19 patients in the U.S. recover! Less than .05% of Americans have died from COVID19. Do the math. If you factored in all Americans, those infected and those not infected the percentage of survival would go even higher. How can you go higher than 99.9%?

That statistic is not my data, those are data from our government. Dr. Brix the other day stated she felt our numbers were 25% over-inflated. Any way you slice this, the math doesn’t add up.

Because the math doesn’t add up I have questions. Specifically I have questions for the leaders of the Evangelical movement. The theologians, professors, writers, leading pastors, denominational gurus, are who I am thinking of. Here is what I want to know,

  1. What conclusions can we makeover how compliant churches have been in the lockdown?
  2. Many of our Evangelical leaders talked about listening to the scientists. What if the scientists are wrong?
  3. Was does it say that there was so little dispute over closing our churches and then for keeping them closed until weeks after Easter?
  4. What, if any, are the long term consequences for the Church as a result of willingly forfeiting our temporary rights of assembly?
  5. Why did many Evangelical leaders join with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to censor any thought that did not agree with the government agency positions?
  6. Will our position on censorship come back to bite us?
  7. Why have we not asked who determines COVID19 “fake news?”
  8. Why did seminary-trained Evangelical leaders speak up and out negatively on the Hydroxychloroquine issue?
  9. Will churches taking Paycheck Protection money, PPP, endanger their future tax-free position?
  10. Why is no one asking questions?

Why are we accepting this without asking questions?

Think, Ask!