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The Question No One in the Church is Asking When it Comes to the Coronavirus

The Question No One in the Church is Asking When it Comes to the Coronavirus

Countless weeks with no services? How will this impact giving, is the question no one in the Church is asking when it comes to the Coronavirus? Before you vomit all over me for even asking this question, stop and read this post.

As I edit this to keep up with the spread of Coronavirus the CDC is now talking no large gatherings for 8 weeks! We are faced with a health crisis that could potentially disrupt our way of life. At this point, we simply do not know what the impact will be. Yet, wise churches are right now establishing a Coronavirus strategy.

What is your church’s Coronavirus strategy? Now is the time to prepare!

My 3 Pronged Approach for Churches…

Caution – What can you do to keep your members safe?

Compassion – How can your church respond?

Sustainability – How will you keep your doors open as giving is challenged?

My webinar, “Staying Connected Through COVID19” gives practical advice on how to keep connected and engaged with your church family. Listen to it here,

Recently I taught my members how they should respond in this webinar entitled, “Your Church’s Response to the Coronavirus.” Listen to my teaching time here,

Let’s get ahead of this and show the world how we do church! I have plans that are helping churches across the country. I can help you. Let’s get started!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach


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